The holidays are a time for joyful celebrations, merry get-togethers, and lively feasts. Though a classic Christmas party celebration is spiced up with an elegant dinner, so, how about a savory barbecue meal to give your holiday season a smokey and an enchanting twist? 


 In this blog post, we’ll look at delicious BBQ recipes that you can order from the best barbeque restaurants in Calgary that will improve your holiday meal preparation and make your guests remember you. So, let’s have a look:

best barbeque restaurants in Calgary


  • Tandoori Soya Chops  

Succulent soya chunks marinated in a delicious mixture of spices and yogurt create Tandoori Soya Chops. It’s a vegetarian masterpiece evoking the famous tandoor-cooked meals of India. Try this fabulous dish during this holiday season which will surely mesmerize you and your loved ones. 


  • Paneer Tikka 

Paneer Tikka is the best Indian appetizer, that is a culinary masterpiece loved by all food enthusiasts. Include this dish in your eating menu when you think of throwing a house party at home. Paneer Tikka is a very tempting food item that will perfectly complement your festive spirit. 


  • Malai Chicken Tikka 

A delightful blend of yogurt, cream (malai), and a symphony of spices marinade boneless chicken pieces are used for Malai Chicken Tikka. Incorporating this dish into your holiday festivities would be a stunning culinary experience. So, order it from the best restaurants in Calgary such as Sizzling Grill. 


  • Tandoori Chicken 

Tandoori Chicken is a beloved dish of every non-veg food lover. Every non-veg food enthusiast chooses this dish first for partying at home or when they go out to celebrate. It’s because it has the best taste and fulfills appetite. Order this tempting dish when you think of planning any party at home. 


  1. Fish Tikka 

People who are fish lovers, love to savor fish tikka recipes and consider this temptation as a first choice on their menu list. Inspired by the Indian subcontinent, Fish Tikka is a dish made with fresh fish fillets marinated in a delicious blend of yogurt and spicy spices. So, order it when you feel like partying. 


How You Can You Make Your Holiday Parties More Exciting? 


Holiday parties often create the best memories, you can level up your fun at the parties by following the below-mentioned tips: 


  • Choose a theme for your party night and resonate with it. 
  • You can also include interactive entertainment elements in your party such as live bands, DJ, or even a Karaoke night. 
  • Include cocktail and mocktail options to spice up the excitement. 
  • Consider thoughtful decorations that include decor using centerpieces, string lights, and so on. 
  • Encourage surprise performances if can. 


Wrapping Up 

So, from the above discussion, you will get to know how one can spark up fun at house parties that we organize at home. It can be done by ordering fantastic foodstuffs from best barbecue restaurants in Calgary and also by following the above-mentioned tips. 

Consider Sizzling Grill restaurant in Calgary if you want to savor up the utterly delicious barbeque food to mesmerize your holiday evenings.