Do you like the aroma of grilled meat, chicken and panner pieces over BBQ? If yes, then always brace yourself for a flavourful journey into the smoky world of BBQ smokers. No one can stop themselves from eating the yummy food grilled over BBQ that has a tantalizing aroma and rich flavours. However, cooking these yummy meals on Barbeque is not easy as the art of bringing perfect barbeque flavours involves more than just fire and smoke. 

At Sizzling Grill being the best barbecue restaurant in Calgary, our chef prepares barbeque dishes following a symphony of technique, seasoning and patience. Our all dishes grilled to perfection over live barbeque are the best and offer a unique and different experience to customers.  To explore the secret to perfect BBQ, keep reading till the end.

Best Barbecue Restaurants in Calgary

The Essence of Smoke

A yummy BBQ dish can be prepared with the right smoker. Once you get the right smoker you are prepared to transform raw meat into tender food with smoky goodness. The essence of smoke coming from a live barbeque makes everyone’s day. Different charcoal and woods used in preparations impart distinct flavours. If fruitwoods like apple and cherry are used it offer a sweeter and milder smoky profile. 

The Slow Cook

Another secret to preparing yummy dishes on BBQ is to follow a slow cooking technique. Chefs follow patience while preparing juicy and tender dishes. They know that low and slow cooking over indirect heat raises flavours and yumminess in food infused with smoky flavours. 

Temperature Control: To give a golden & brown texture to the pieces of meat or cheese you need to maintain a consistent low temperature between 225-275°F (107-135°C). Maintaining an even temperature ensures complete grilling and smoke absorption. 

Indirect Heat: While following the slow cooking technique use indirect heat by placing the meat or cheese pieces away from the direct flame. This technique allows for gentle, uniform cooking without charring.

The Rub and The Sauce

Another secret you need to follow for perfection in your BBQ dishes is to rubs and sauces that adorn the pieces of meat and cheese. Follow the dry rubbing of spices & herbs to create a flavorful crust that caramelizes during low heating. Apply sauce before, during and after cooking to add layers of taste and texture to pieces. 

Choosing the Right Wood

Mastering the art of perfect BBQ dish preparation also demands the selection of the right wood for smoking. Different woods used bring distinct flavours to meat & cheese ultimately serving a dish full of flavours. Some of the best woods used for BBQ are:

Hickory wood: This wood is used by chefs because it offers a mouth-watering smoky flavour and bacon-like essence to the pieces of meat and cheese.

Mesquite: This wood is highly recommended by experienced BBQ chefs as it raises tangy flavours that complement meat and cheese exceptionally well. It is often used in Calgary’s restaurants for barbeque to give a bold taste to dishes. 

Correct Tools

To get your job done another secret that BBQ chefs share is that you need to have the right tools. A set of Tongs is most useful while grilling. Inside the BBQ kit, you must have a Paper towel, Tongs, Heat-resistant gloves, a Fire prevention kit and Pot holders. Keep your kit in your grill cabinet so that whenever you prepare barbeque dishes you have all the tools near to help you BBQ better. 

Final Words!

Chefs of the best barbecue restaurants in Calgary share that perfection is not a destination but a journey. They share that the secret to perfect BBQ dish preparation lies in an artful balance of fire, smoke, and time. So next time when you decide to prepare barbeque dishes follow above given tips.