Craving to enjoy the rich flavors of Indian cuisine at Calgary’s Best Restaurants? Fresh ingredient used in Indian meals tantalizes the taste buds with flavors from around the world. Indian restaurants offering dishes rich in spices, textures, and aromas hold a special place in every food lover 

At Sizzling Grill restaurant we offer the best Indian dishes that promise an authentic taste and experience. From Malai Kofta to Angara Kulcha Chana we offer choices to make your every meal tasty, flavorful, and tempting after visiting us. Some of the famous Indian dishes that you can order from restaurants are given below.

Calgary's Best Restaurants

Dal Bukhara

Dal Bukhara is a famous lentil dish among north Indians. But now its mouthwatering taste can be enjoyed in Calgary by visiting Sizzling Grill restaurant. It is a velvety smooth lentil dish that has a golden creamy texture.  

Its cooking technique demands patience and care because its main ingredients black lentils are simmered overnight on a slow fire to bring the best taste. Enriched with cream, butter, and a melange of spices that magnetized customers it is always garnished with Coriander leaves. Simming overnight results in a rich, creamy dal that is both comforting and luxurious. 

Kadahi Paneer

Order Kadahi Paneer and enjoy the softness of white fresh Indian cottage cheese with spicy sprinkles. Square shape slices of Cheese is toosed by chef with bell pepper, tomatoes, onion in a wok known as Kadahi offering it name as Kadahi Paneer. 

Enjoy Indian Bread such as Garlic Naan, Butter Naan and Plain roti with its thick gravy prepared with special spices including coriander, garam masala an turmeric. Its aroma makes it a vibrant dish with bursting flavours. 

Poori Chole

Fried food lover! order Poori Chole to enjoy the delight of a deep-fried bread (Poori) made from whole wheat flour with spicy chole. A combination of Poori and spicy chickpeas is a hearty breakfast for Indians fulfilling their whole-day food hunger. 

It is a popular street food appreciated by every Indian. This authentic Indian dish cooked with spices, and ginger garlic paste is just unresistable if served with a side of tangy pickles and sweet halwa.

Kulcha With Chana

Enjoy a divine taste of boiled chickpeas fused with a mash of onions, spices, masala and green Chilli. Bring more taste and spread the small amount of lemon juice over the spicy chana stuffed in Kulcha (disc-shaped Indian Bread). 

Ingredients such as spices, vegetables and oils used in its preparation offer various health benefits. Sizzling Grill is renowned for its authentic Kulcha with Chana which is served with chana masala making it a satisfying meal.

Tandoori Chicken Wings

Looking to order a non-veg dish, order Tandoori chicken Wings. Marinated overnight in a mixture of yogurt and tandoori spices these chicken wings are grilled to perfection. Grilled-over charcoals result in tasty wings with a smoky flavour and a vibrant red texture. 

A good source of protein this non-veg dish is a hit among both locals and visitors in Calgary restaurants. The primary ingredient chicken pieces with skin has 20 grams of protein per 98g serving.  

Chicken Biryani

Enjoy the soft piece of chicken in this majestic dish that needs no introduction. Slow-cooked in a sand pot to produce layers of flavour Chicken Biryani is famous since it was brought by the Mughals to India. 

It is a satisfying meal to order that delights with basmati rice, marinated chicken, and potpourri spice. 

Each piece of chicken soaked with aromatic spices brings juicy pleasure to the mouth. Eating Chicken Biryani anywhere outside India gives you the experience of eating it on the streets of Hyderabad.  


Calgary’s Best Restaurants offer a feast for your taste buds with a menu that lets you enjoy traditional Indian flavour. Whether you are craving veg or non-veg dishes, you will find them all in these famous restaurants.